Rear Mesh

    Rear Mesh

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    Product Description

    The unique design of Gold wind’s protection rear mesh prevents goods from falling out and causing injury to personnel or damage to goods beneath. The steel mesh is fitted to the rear or to the side of the pallet racking.

    The panels are usually assembled from the outside with clamps and sheet metal screws. This reduces the assembly time significantly, the panels are then bolted together to give the desired width and height. Heights are available in intervals of 50 x 50 mm, the width of the end panels is cut to suit on-site and finished using bracket connect to the racking.

    Benefits of Rear Mesh:
    1. Efficient and safe installation
    2. Prevent injury by falling small objects from the racks
    3. Safety and protection against property
    4. Improve the look of the storage area
    Rear Mesh