Rack MG45 Corrosion Inspection

    Rack MG45 Corrosion Inspection

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    Product Description

    In warehouses, racks are exposed to changes in temperature, humidity, continuous transport of goods, and operators. These factors can cause deterioration of the components that make up the structures.

    Not only is this insufficient for keeping up productive workflow and much-needed organisation, but it poses a huge health and safety risk to all those in the workplace.
    Whilst pallet racking is a particularly durable and reliable system with the correct installation and proper maintenance there can be a number of hidden dangers that can go unnoticed. It is therefore essential that you recognise the signs that your racking needs replacing or Corrosion Inspection.

    Gold Wind Team Inspect Beam corrosion by MG45 Thickness Measurements on Internally Corroded Metals method on your warehouse racking should be a standard job during your pallet inspection. Note any areas with flaking paint, tarnished beams, or corrosion as this is an indicator of the metal weakening.

    For obvious reasons, your racking should not be weakened by rust. Even if you are abiding by the weight allowance of the racking, the frames will not be able to hold the original amount of weight if the metal is weakened. The mass of your storage may be too much for the weakened racking which could result in a collapse.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this, and ignoring it is not going to make the situation any better. In such a case, Pallet Racking replacement is the most sensible solution after define internally corroded by the Gold Wind MG45 test method.