Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet Flow Rack Systems That Grant Faster Throughput Of Stock And Improve Productivity
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    Product Description

    Pallet Flow Rack   Pallet Flow Rack   Pallet Flow Rack   Pallet Flow Rack
    Pallet Flow Racks provide faster throughput of stock with minimum handling, as pallets move automatically from the loading face to the order picking face. Each Pallet Flow section has roller lanes attached to rack beams at a slight incline to allow pallets to smoothly flow down to the picking face after being loaded from the rear of the system. This enhances stock rotation with FIFO live pallet storage, which reduces the waste of fresh and date sensitive products. Pallet Flow storage can provide an excellent return on investment, as it improves warehouse productivity, storage capacity, and efficiency.

    Pallet Flow Storage Advantages:
    • High-density storage utilizes space with fewer aisles
    • FIFO (first-in, first-out) storage and constant product rotation
    • Pick aisle faces are constantly stocked for simultaneous operation
    • Shorter travel times increase order picking efficiencies and improve productivity
    • Separate loading and order picking aisles help to ensure a safer flow of fork truck traffic and personnel
    • Versatility, as can flow different size and weight pallets within the same flow track system
    Pallet Flow Applications:
    • Fast-moving product with FIFO stock rotation necessities
    • Ideal for time-sensitive large volume and consumer goods
    • Freezers and food distribution where maximum storage volume or cube is required
    • Any customer where the rotation of perishables is critical
    Pallet Flow Rack Considerations:
    • Pallets must be in good condition and not have missing or broken bottom boards
    • Product loads must be stable and firmly secured to pallets
    • The overhang of loads must be seriously considered in the design process
    • Type of product as regards whether it is a solid or bag/sack load
    • Depending on the height of the ceiling and space available, we can design a system that meets your needs without any possible restrictions
    Different Types of Pallet Flow Track:
    • Full Roller Bed Track.
    • Staggered Wheel Track.
    • 3-Track System.
    • Combination of any of the above tracks.
    After a pallet flow rack system has been designed by our engineering team, Gold Wind can work with customers to select a few different pallets that will be used in the actual system to be shipped for performance testing, in order to ensure that these pallets will flow smoothly.

    With a Pallet Flow Rack system, you can boost efficiency and throughput, which will ultimately provide great dollar savings! Let Gold Wind Project Services help facilitate the process of designing, installing, and supplying your Pallet Flow Racking system. Our experienced team is fully equipped to solve your pallet rotation challenges by providing the most adept Pallet Flow Racks customized to meet all your needs.