Boltless Shelving System

    Boltless Shelving System

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    Product Description

    Boltless Shelving System   Boltless Shelving System   Boltless Shelving System   Boltless Shelving System
    Standard Ex-Stock Size
    Height 1840 mm, 2160 mm, 2440 mm, 3040 mm
    Depth 305 mm, 457 mm, 610 mm
    Length 915 mm, 1220 mm, 1524 mm, 1829 mm
    Surface HDF Board, Metal Panel
    *Other sizes are available upon request.
    Businesses who rely on warehouses, as well as distribution centers in their operations, can find boltless shelving in Singapore beneficial in more ways than one. This is because they can help optimize space and at the same time boost productivity without compromising safety.

    How do they work? You ask. Well, with boltless shelving in Singapore, you can make the most of your vertical space to store important commodities. Along the way, when it’s time for them to be transferred or delivered, company personnel can bring them down (safer if equipment such as forklift is used) without worrying about accidents and other untoward incidents.

    Putting the said factors into consideration, it can be said that boltless shelving in Singapore is worthwhile investments that can be beneficial for entities that have very limited space. Such benefits can be taken to a whole new level if you manage to obtain the right one.

    Boltless Shelving System is one of the most versatile storage methods available. From a few standard components, you can create very stable, very accessible shelving units with capacities of up to 200 kg. per shelf level. Boltless shelving in Singapore unit assembles easily and quickly–and nearly tool-free. With 38 mm adjustable shelf levels, Rivet Shelving offers a world of versatile solutions for many shelving applications.

    Gold Wind maintains large inventories of industrial rivet shelving, including rivet rack’s components, epoxy panel, and HDF Board for future expansion.

    Gold Wind Rivet Shelving
    The well-trusted Gold Wind Rivet shelving can give you strength and economical solutions. Simply put, with our help, you can avail the right boltless shelving in Singapore supplies, rivet shelving, and many others.

    If you want assistance in specifying rivet shelving, a quote, or just a question answered, Gold Wind shall be pleased to provide you with any additional explanation you may need.

    Our personnel is well-versed when it comes to our products and are more than willing to give a helping hand with regard to finding the right equipment that can complement your business needs, preference, and budget, among others.

    However, you need to do your homework beforehand to ensure that you obtain the right one. After doing your research on boltless shelving that you want to avail. Choose from a wide array of the units that are available in Gold Wind. Some of the most notable ones that you can choose from are elaborated below.
    • Shelf loading capacity from 150 - 200 kg/level
    • Maximum load per bay up to 1000 kg
    • Choice of metal panel shelves or HDF Board shelves
    • Finished: Epoxy powder coated in beige