2-Tier Racking

    2-Tier Racking

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    Product Description

    2-Tier Racking   2-Tier Racking   2-Tier Racking   2-Tier Racking
    Multi-Tier Racking consists of an upright, beam, shelves, decking handrail, and staircase, etc.

    Additional Storage Floor can be incorporated into the rack with walkways to allow pedestrian access for order picking. This maximizes all available headroom and is ideal for storing a wide variety of packaged goods for hand picking. It is the ideal solution for the utilizing of the warehouse’s height and space, also can accommodate sophisticated automated racking systems.

    Multi-Tier Racking System has widely accepted by most SME companies and logistics industries.

    The benefits of Multi-Tier Racking:
    1. Accessible all shelves for difference goods
    2. Maximum storage space within the warehouse
    3. Reusable all the rack component in future
    4. Load flexibility for both weight and volume.
    Standard Ex-Stock Size
    Height 2400 mm, 3000 mm, 3600 mm, 4800 mm, 6000 mm
    Depth 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm
    Length 1350 mm, 1850 mm, 2460 mm, 2700 mm
    Surface Plywood, Wire Mesh Decking
    *Other sizes are available upon request.